The Circuit and The River 2015

The name, Thames Valley Circuit, is very appropriate. The Thames flows through the circuit from North-West to South-East. As the crow flies, over half its churches are within one mile of the Thames, and the one furthest away around 2½ miles. This gallery depicts the points on the river nearest each church, and a few other sights.

Upstream (West) from Cookham Bridge

Upstream (West) from Cookham Bridge, 1.1 Km (0.7 miles) from Cookham Rise Methodist Church

Cookham Bridge viewed from upstream

Cookham: Odney Lane Bridge over one branch of the Thames

Cookham Lock

Boulters Lock

Maidenhead Bridge, 2.1 Km (1.3 miles) from Burnham Methodist Church

Brunel Bridge, 1.5 Km (0.9 miles) from High Street, Madenhead Methodist Church

Brunel Bridge Plaque

Brunel Bridge from downstream

Brunel Bridge, 3.4 Km (2.1 miles from St Mark's Crescent Methodist Church

Downstream from Brunel Bridge

Between Brunel Bridge and Bray Lock

South of Brunel Bridge, 4.2 Km (2.6 miles) from Woodlands Park Methodist Church

Approaching weir at Bray Lock

Approaching weir at Bray Lock

Bray Lock Gates

Opposite Windsor Racecourse, 0.7 Km (0.4 miles) from Eton Wick Methodist Church

Windsor Railway Bridge

Windsor Riverside, 0.6 Km (0.4 miles) from Windsor Methodist Church

Honouring Windsor-born Sydney Camm, Hawker Hurricane designer

Windsor Bridge from upstream

Looking upstream from Windsor

Looking Downstream from Windsor Bridge

Windsor Bridge from downstream

Approaching Romney Lock

By Playing Fields of Eton, 1.5 Km (0.9 miles) from Ledgers Road and 3.7 Km (2.3 miles) from Hampshire Avenue Methodist Churches

Between Windsor and Datchet

Near Thames Valley Athletic Centre, 1.5 Km (0.9 miles) from St Andrew's Methodist Church

By Sunnymeades, 3 Km (1.9 miles) from Colnbrook & Poyle United Church

Old Windsor Weir, 3 Km (1.9 miles) from Colnbrook & Poyle United Church

Danger … approaching Old Windsor Lock

Old Windsor Lock

Waiting by Old Windsor Lock

Entrance to the New Cut and Old Windsor Lock

Near Old Windsor Parish Church

Swans and Cygnets, 0.9 Km (0.5 miles) from Old Windsor Methodist Church

By Bells of Ouzeley

Magna Carta Island, upstream end

Magna Carta Island, downstream end

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